Executive training

“How do I communicate new rules within the team?”
“How do I motivate my employees?” “How do I give feedback to my staff?”
“What do I have to consider in the appraisal interview?”

Good communication

is the prerequisite for not only being heard, but also understood – contact skills are the key to successful leadership:

Train your communication skills and inspire your employees for the common company goal!

SEMINARSCHAUSPIEL BERLIN goes beyond rehearsing theoretical knowledge and starts where other training stops.

With an individual approach

we create realistic scenarios that offer you the opportunity to playfully analyse and effectively optimise your own behaviour in a constant change of roles.

Through the interaction with the seminar actor, the professional feedback of the trainer and experiencing the progress of the other participants, a maximum learning effect is achieved, which ensures the quick integration of the newly acquired skills in the long term.

On the following topics:

  • Staff appraisals
  • Feedback talks
  • Performance reviews
  • Appraisal interviews
  • Leadership behaviour and the successful management of teams
  • Rhetoric and communication
  • Appreciative criticism and conflict management
  • Junior management training
  • Female leadership
  • Healthy leadership