Customer advisor training

“How do I structure the sales talk?” “Why doesn’t my customer say anything?”
“What do I have to do to make the conversation go differently?”
“Why am I not closing the deal?”


customer care, acquisition and winning back customers require more than just arguments about benefits.

Authentic appearance, psychological sales communication and goal-oriented conversation are essential factors in consulting and sales.

We support you in positioning yourself individually and developing a sales style that creates trust.

Communication strategies

that work: Learn how to immediately assess personalities by consciously applying sales psychology –

In the role play, the seminar actor takes on the role of your customer, enabling you to interact authentically and quickly understand how to respond empathetically and flexibly to the wishes and needs of your counterpart.

On the following topics:

  • Sales promotion and successful customer engagement
  • Professional behaviour in case of complaints and claims
  • Good cooperation between office and field staff
  • Effective closing techniques